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The International Association of Mechanical Music Preservationists (IAMMP) is a group of volunteers dedicated to the preservation of music rolls.

Music rolls, developed in the mid 1800's, were used in player reed organs, push-up piano players, player pianos, and similar instruments. Much of this music is in danger of being lost as the paper rolls continue to deteriorate. IAMMP members are constructing electronic scanners, based on the pioneering work of Richard Stibbons, to convert the punched paper music into digital form. The digital files are being archived and converted to appropriate data formats to be played on the computer, Disklaviers and similar instruments or, in a different form, used to operate perforators to create fresh rolls of original accuracy. Membership in this group is open to anyone who has an interest in helping to preserve our mechanical music heritage. Use of the information contained in this e-group is primarily for hobby purposes.

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