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NOTE: MIDI files available for direct public download are from piano roll music published in 1928 and earlier.
       There are currently 16182 scanned piano rolls in the database.        Displaying 200 items per page.
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Catalog Mfgr & Num © Date MIDI Roll Title Composer Performer Date Added Scanned By Print Image
n/a Kisses 2007-Feb-8Michael Swansonn/a
n/a Cubist 2007-Feb-8Michael Swansonn/a
n/a The Organ Grinder's Swing 2007-Feb-11Larry DoeGrayscale-1
n/a Fox Trot Medley No. 4 2008-Aug-19KeystoneGrayscale-1
n/a Popular Dance Medley No. 7 2009-May-28KeystoneGrayscale-1
n/a Clair de lune - rhythm version 2009-Oct-18Julian Dyern/a
n/a Rhapsodie No. 1 2009-Dec-27KeystoneGrayscale-1
n/a Rhapsodie No. 4 2009-Dec-27KeystoneGrayscale-1
n/a Fox Trot Medley, No. 1 2009-Dec-27KeystoneGrayscale-1
n/a Dinner Music, No. 19 2010-Jun-27KeystoneGrayscale-1
n/a Freedom For All 2014-Mar-29Marshall Josenone
n/a Nearer, My God, To Thee 2014-Mar-29Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
n/a Valse Gentile 2014-Mar-29Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
n/a Hindustan 2014-Jun-8Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
n/a Patches 2014-Jun-8Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
n/a Traumerei And Romance 2014-Jul-12Marshall Josenone
n/a Ben Hur Chariot Race 2016-Oct-23Michael Swansonreflective scan
1911 Oh, Mr. Dream Man, Please Let Me Dream Some More Monaco, Jimmie V.2017-Jan-8Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
n/a St. Louis Tickle 2020-Dec-6Michael Swansonn/a
n/a The Discontented Blues 2020-Dec-6Michael Swansonn/a
n/a Hula Blues 2020-Dec-6Michael Swansonn/a
n/a Everybody Rag With Me 2020-Dec-6Michael Swansonn/a
n/a The Alcoholic Blues 2020-Dec-6Michael Swansonn/a
n/a La Negra Noche 2021-Jun-6Marshall Josenone
1140n/a That Repaz Band March 2012-Feb-19Terry Smythen/a
1286n/a Patriotic Music #2 2007-Oct-30Terry Smythen/a
13508n/a Unknown 2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
2051~1920 Where My Caravan Has Rested 2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
2106~1920 Aggravatin' Pa Pa 2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
303339~1918 Nations Awakening March 2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
309n/a Tulip Time In Holland 2012-Feb-15Terry Smythen/a
31741943 Rickety Rickshaw Man Drake, Ervin; Fascinato, Jack2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
4507n/a Sally Of My Dreams 2012-Feb-19Terry Smythen/a
512520n/a Over The Waves 2012-Feb-15Terry Smythen/a
516071916 Hungarian Rhapsody, No. 13 Liszt, FranzOrnstein, Leo2015-Jun-8Marshall Josenone
51911923 Swingin Down The Lane 2012-Feb-19Terry Smythen/a
58041925 Yes Sir, That's My Baby Berlin, Victor2012-Feb-19Terry Smythen/a
8137n/a Rain 2012-Feb-19Terry Smythen/a
8489n/a Forever And Ever 2012-Feb-19Terry Smythen/a
85395~1920 Maple Leaf Forever 2012-Feb-15Terry Smythen/a
8722n/a Syncopated Clock 2012-Feb-19Terry Smythen/a
8946n/a I Believe 2012-Feb-19Terry Smythen/a
95111907 La Traviata Fantasie Leybach, Ignace Xavier Joseph2021-Sep-27Marshall Josenone
951221933 Take Me In Your Arms 2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
9928 (assigned)n/a Over The Waves Waltz Rosas, Juventino2007-Nov-2Terry Smythen/a
9999905(assigned)n/a Spring Is Here 2012-Feb-19Terry Smythen/a
9999906(assigned)n/a Unknown 2012-Feb-19Terry Smythen/a
9999907(assigned)n/a Unknown March 2012-Feb-19Terry Smythen/a
9999910(assigned)n/a Irish Washerwoman 2012-Feb-19Terry Smythen/a
9999911(assigned)~1920 Unknown 2012-Feb-15Terry Smythen/a
9999912(assigned)~1920 Unknown 2012-Feb-15Terry Smythen/a
9999913(assigned)n/a Unknown 2012-Feb-15Terry Smythen/a
9999914(assigned)n/a Unknown 2012-Feb-15Terry Smythen/a
9999916(assigned)n/a Magnolia Blossoms Medley 2012-Feb-15Terry Smythen/a
9999918 (assigned)n/a Unknown 2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
9999920(assigned)n/a Unknown 2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
9999922(Assigned)~1916 The Dying Poet 2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
3 Vintage Coin Op VersionsUnknownn/a Pansy Blossoms Rag Johnson, Charles L.2022-Sep-13Frank Himpsln/a
3 Vintage Coin Op VersionsUnknownn/a Pigeon Wing Rag Johnson, Charles L.2022-Sep-13Frank Himpsln/a
65 The Emblem of Music Roll Perf5928Bn/a Tres Moutarde - Too Much Mustard Macklin, Cecil2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
8864796n/a Come Josephine In My Flying Machine Fisher, Fred2013-Aug-18Larry Doen/a
8865840n/a Trail Of The Lonesome Pine, The Carroll, Harry2013-Aug-18Larry Doen/a
8866224Bn/a He'd Have To Get Under, Get Out And Get Under Abrahams, Maurice2013-Mar-17Larry DoeGrayscale-1
8866910n/a Davis Fox Trot, The Davis, Uriel2013-Aug-18Larry Doen/a
88669151914 Tip Top Tipperary Mary Harry Carroll2017-Jan-12Michael Swanson
8874351915 Floating Down That Old Green River Joe Cooper2017-Jan-12Michael Swanson
887771n/a Edelweiss Glide Vandebeck2006-Nov-24Larry DoeGrayscale-1
8892705n/a Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet - Intro: Mandy, How Do You Do? Wenrich, Percy2013-Aug-18Larry Doen/a
88 Note111241918 Flowers And Ferns Keiser, Robert A.2015-Apr-12Marshall Josenone
88 Note17006n/a Popular Hits No. 17 (video scan) VariousLinder, Ellis2022-May-25Piotr Barczn/a
88 Note19763n/a Adele BriquetLampe, J. Bodewalt2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88 Note2751918 American Home Favorites var.Ascher, Emil (arr.)2015-Apr-12Marshall Josenone
88 Note44351918 Popular Favorites Series - Hymn Tunes VariousLinder, Ellis (arr.)2015-Apr-12Marshall Josenone
88 Note63078Sn/a Daisies Won't Tell Waltz Owen, Anita2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
88 Note644531919 Sweet Italian Love Snyder, Ted2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
88 Note649~1916 Baby Rose 2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
88 Note7117~1920 Diadem Waltz Hudson, Lora M.2012-Feb-15Terry Smythen/a
88 Note80287S1920 Spanish Dance Op 12 No 2 Moszkowski2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
88 Note830271909 Blue Danube Waltz Strauss2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88 Note855362n/a Face To Face Johnson, Herbert2014-Jun-19Marshall Josenone
88 Note878651909 Nearer, My God, To Thee Mason, Lowell2014-Apr-12Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
88 Note935151910 Rag Medley, No. 9; Chilli Billi-Bee Rag, A Certain Party, Muir & KelleySwift, George2009-Dec-28KeystoneGrayscale-1
88 Note94695n/a Charge of the Uhlans Bohm, C.2014-Feb-11Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
88 Note9835n/a Qui Vive! - Grand Galop de Concert Ganz, Wilhelm; arranger unknown2014-Apr-6Marshall Josenone
88 NoteUnknown1916 Brisas espanolas - gran pot-pourr* sobre motivos nacionales p... Hernandez, Isidoro2015-Mar-8Marshall Josenone
88 Note Music Co.37207Sn/a Down Home 2007-Jul-14Terry Smythen/a
88 Note Music Co.7814Sn/a Arms Of America March Paull2007-Jul-14Terry Smythen/a
88Note110831904 Star Of The Sea 2006-Nov-13Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88Note1133n/a Traumerei - Op. 15 Schumann2006-Dec-2Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88Note12672n/a Home Sweet Home Bishop2006-Dec-2Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88Note15674n/a Tres Moutarde - (Too Much Mustard) Macklin2006-Nov-25Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88Note15914n/a Why Did You Make Me Care Solman2006-Oct-23Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88Note16363n/a My Dixie Rose - Tempo Arranged Grady2006-Oct-16Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88Note17644n/a I Love Her - Oh! Oh! Oh! Monaco2006-Nov-24Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88Note18602n/a Like Swallow Flying AdeleBriquet & Philipp2006-Nov-5Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88Note19293n/a Honey, You Were Made For Me - "All Aboard" Glogan2006-Oct-8Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88Note231241904 We Take Our Hats Off To You Mr.Wilson Merrill2006-Oct-8Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88Note3005151912 Roll On, Missouri Carroll2006-Oct-30Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88note3013731912 I've Only One Idea About Girls Piantadosi2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88Note7402n/a The Blue Paradise Romberg, Sig2006-Oct-8Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88Note817371909 Shepherd Boy Wilson2006-Oct-16Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88Note8623n/a Hearts And Flowers Tobani2006-Dec-2Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88Note9217n/a Song Without Words 2006-Dec-2Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88Note9677n/a Rigoletto VerdiCramer2006-Dec-2Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88Note992751912 Time For A Time Is Summertime, The Hodgkins & Coogan2006-Oct-23Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88Note995351912 You're My Baby Brown & Ayer2006-Oct-8Larry DoeGrayscale-1
?3122Sn/a Tanzweise - Ballet Music Meyer-Helmund2007-Dec-31Terry Smythen/a
?4035Sn/a Florodora - I Want To Be A Military Man Stewart2008-Jan-4Terry Smythen/a
??n/a Unknown Waltz 2006-Oct-22Larry DoeGrayscale-1
?Unk311912 Unknown 2006-Oct-22Larry DoeGrayscale-1
?Unk311912 Hungarian Dance No. 5 Brahms,Johannes2006-Oct-30Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Accentor5241905 La Lisonjera Chaminade, Cecile2020-Dec-31Marshall Josenone
Ace10681930 Hello Cutie Burton, Bill2007-Jul-14Warren Trachtmann/a
Ace11071926 When Day Is Done DeSylva & KatscherBurton, Bill2007-Jul-14Warren Trachtmann/a
ACE11881927 Is She My Girlfriend - How-De-Ow-Ow Ager, Milton2014-Apr-27Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Ace (Connorized)1154s1927 My Blue Heaven Whiting-Donaldson2006-Dec-4Terry Smythen/a
ACMC1248? Valencia - Fox Trot Boyer, Charles & Padilla? (uncredited)2010-Sep-17Robert Perryn/a
Acme32881927 It Was Only A Sun Shower Seibert, Fred2013-May-19Larry Doen/a
Acme38051929 You Wouldn't Fool Me Would You - ( Follow Thru ) Henderson, RaySeibert, Fred2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Acme83201923 My Sweetie Went Away - (She Didn't Say Where, When or Why) Gates, Ethel2013-May-19Larry Doen/a
Acme83921923 What Do You Do Sunday, Mary? - (From "Poppy") Kaufman, Bert2007-Feb-24Warren TrachtmanGrayscale-1
Aeoliann/a Pennsylvania Polka Manners, Zeke & Lee, LesterShort, Al2007-Nov-24Terry Smythen/a
Aeolian01033n/a Why Stars Come Out At Night - "The Big Broadcast of 1936" Noble, RayShipman, Harry2008-Sep-23KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian01070n/a You've Got Something - "Red Hot and Blue" Porter, ColeMilne, Frank2008-Sep-23KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian01071n/a It's De-Lovely - "Red, Hot and Blue" Porter, ColeSherry Brothers2008-Sep-23KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian01087n/a They Can't Take That Away from Me - "Shall We Dance?" Gershwin, GeorgeCarroll, Adam2008-Sep-23KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian01096n/a Fox Trot Recording VariousLawrence, Jeremy2008-Sep-23KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian0221brn/a Etude Op 18 No 3 MoszkowskiDeGreef2016-Nov-7Julian Dyern/a
Aeolian05471928 Sweet Ella May RobinsonMaddon, Harvey2010-Jan-5KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian0594n/a The Whole World Knows I Love You Gottler, Clare & PinkardChase,Newell2016-Oct-23Michael Swansonn/a
Aeolian06111928 Marie - Theme Song from "The Awakening" BerlinMaddon, Harvey2009-Aug-28KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian0640D1929 With A Song In My Heart RogersMilne, Frank2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
Aeolian0668n/a Ain't Misbehavin' - I'm Savin' My Love For You (From "Hot Choc... Waller & BrooksJay,Lillian2016-Nov-17Michael Swansonn/a
Aeolian0683n/a Moanin' Low RaingerMilne,Frank2016-Nov-17Michael Swansonn/a
Aeolian0734n/a Strike Up The Band GershwinMilne,Frank2016-Nov-17Michael Swansonn/a
Aeolian0761n/a Bye Bye Blues Hamm,Bennett,Lown & GrayFerguson,Ruth2016-Nov-17Michael Swansonn/a
Aeolian08381931 Begging For Love BerlinClair, Herbert2009-Aug-28KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian0952n/a Did You Ever See a Dream Walking - From the Picture, "Sitting Pretty" Revel, HarryArden, Victor2008-Sep-23KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian0993n/a My Old Flame - From the Picture, "Belle of the Nineties" Johnston - CoslowLane, Victor2008-Sep-23KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian09961935 Stars Fell On Alabama Perkins, Frank2012-Feb-19Terry Smythen/a
Aeolian10021D1924 Mighty Lak' A Rose Nevin2007-Feb-12Terry Smythen/a
Aeolian10041934 You're The Top - From the Musical Comedy, "Anything Goes" Porter, ColeCarroll, Adam2010-Nov-12KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian10041n/a Freckles Hess, Johnson & AgerHess,Cliff2016-Nov-17Michael Swansonn/a
Aeolian10051934 Blue Moon HartArden, Victor2010-Oct-31KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian10059dn/a Last Rose of Summer, Annie Laurie 2006-Dec-9Terry Smythen/a
Aeolian10061934 I Get A Kick Out Of You - From The Musical Comedy, "Anything Goes" Porter, ColeArden & Carroll2010-Nov-12KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian10061926 The Birth Of The Blues Ridge, ClydeRidge, Clyde2016-Jun-27Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Aeolian100656Dn/a The Recessional - Low Voice Key of D de Koven2006-Dec-9Terry Smythen/a
Aeolian1007511910 Timely Tunes - Medley No. 40 Swift, George2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Aeolian10089n/a Jesus Christ Is Risen Today ???Polson,Ina W.2016-Oct-23Michael Swansonn/a
Aeolian10091929 Louise Whiting, Richard A.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Aeolian10091n/a Negro Spirituals - Go Down Moses, I'm a Rolling - Nobody Knows The Trouble I See, Lord. I Go... Blake, Ubie2016-Nov-17Michael Swansonn/a
Aeolian10103d1928 Loch Lomand 2007-Feb-12Terry Smythen/a
Aeolian101095n/a Onward Christian Soldiers - Key F SullivanKennedy,Dion W.2016-Oct-23Michael Swansonn/a
Aeolian1012n/a Heartaches Hoffman, AlShort; Edwards2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Aeolian101266Dn/a Smilin' Through Penn2007-Feb-12Terry Smythen/a
Aeolian10129n/a The Spanish Cavalier - Old Spanish Song ?Armbruster,Robert2016-Oct-23Michael Swansonn/a
Aeolian10141946 Fascination Marchetti, Fermo Dante2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Aeolian1015Sn/a Liebestraum No 1 Liszt2008-Jan-4Terry Smythen/a
Aeolian1018n/a Waiting For The Robert E. Lee Sawyer, Bob2007-Jul-14Warren Trachtmann/a
Aeolian1019D1923 On Wings Of Song Mendelssohn2007-Jan-25Terry Smythen/a
Aeolian1020451924 Marcheta SchertzingerPitot, Genevieve2007-Feb-8KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian102185D1915 Auf Wiedersehn RombergArmbruster, Robert2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
Aeolian102965D1925 Always BerlinArmbruster, Robert2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
Aeolian1032n/a Harbor Lights Kennedy, Jimmy & Williams, HughRidge, Clyde2007-Nov-26Terry Smythen/a
Aeolian1035051926 When Twilight Comes TandlerOhman,Phil2016-Oct-23Michael Swansonn/a
Aeolian10371927 When The Saints Come Marchin' In Ridge, Clyde & Herwig, Lou2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Aeolian103765d1927 Ramona Wayne2006-Dec-9Terry Smythen/a
Aeolian103806d1922 Out Of The Dusk To You Lee2006-Dec-9Terry Smythen/a
Aeolian1041851929 Deep Night HendersonNordstrom, Dagmar2010-Nov-6KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian1041961928 Morena y Sevillana - (Danse Espagnole) Sevillana, Morena yDeSanzewitch, Tatiana2010-Nov-8KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian1042051929 Glad Rag Doll DoughertyNordstrom, Dagmar2010-Nov-8KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian10471926 Baby Face Ridge, Clyde2006-Nov-10Warren TrachtmanNone
Aeolian1048051931 Yours Is My Heart Alone LeharArmbruster, Robert2010-Nov-8KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian1048651932 Auf Wiedersehn, My Dear AgerMilne, Frank2010-Nov-8KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian10491938 Sunrise Serenade Ridge, Clyde2006-Nov-10Warren TrachtmanNone
Aeolian1049251933 Lonely Heart - From "As Thousands Cheer" Berlin, IrvingCarroll, Adam2010-Nov-6KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian1049651934 There Goes My Heart Silver, AbnerLane, Victor2010-Nov-6KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian1049851934 Nevermore - From Noel Coward's Play, "Conversation Piece" Coward, NoelMilne, Frank2010-Nov-8KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian105005n/a Little Love, A Little Kiss, A - (Un Peu D'Amour) SilesuKmita, Andrei2010-Nov-8KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian1050151935 Love Passes By Schertzinger, VictorFairchild, Edgar2010-Nov-6KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian1050451935 I Dream Too Much - From "I Dream Too Much" Kern, JeromeCarroll, Adam2010-Nov-8KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian1050641936 I Mean To Say "I Love You" - From "Give Us This Night" Korngold, Erich WolfgangFarquhar, Robert2010-Nov-8KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian105077n/a Home Harmonies, No. 3 - Songs Of The West Milne, Frank2010-Nov-8KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian10511928 Carolina Moon Burke, Joe; Davis, Benny2015-Oct-18Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Aeolian10541920 When My Baby Smiles At Me Munro, BillySawyer, Bob2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Aeolian10551937 Caravan Berlin; Ellington & TizolSawyer, Bob2006-Nov-10Warren TrachtmanNone
Aeolian10561954 Beer Barrel Polka Vejvoda, Jaromir2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Aeolian10621938 I Hadn't Anyone Till You Noble, RayElliott, Vern2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Aeolian10671954 It Might As Well Be Spring - (State Fair) Rodgers & Hammerstein2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Aeolian10871935 Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart Ridge, Clyde2006-Nov-10Warren TrachtmanNone
Aeolian1089s1913 Peg O' My Heart 2006-Dec-4Terry Smythen/a
Aeolian10951902 In The Good Old Summertime Evans, GeorgeElliott, Vern2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Aeolian11061926 The Gang That Sang "Heart Of My Ryan, BenButler, Harry2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Aeolian11091938 Over The Rainbow - (From "The Wizard of Oz") 2006-Nov-10Warren TrachtmanNone
Aeolian11121922 Limehouse Blues Harry Butler2007-Feb-24Warren TrachtmanNone
Aeolian11171921 Blue Moon Sawyer, Bob2006-Nov-10Warren TrachtmanNone
Aeolian11211936 Pennies From Heaven Sawyer, Bob2006-Nov-10Warren TrachtmanNone
Aeolian11401927 Side By Side Woods, Harry M.Ridge, Clyde2020-Dec-31Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Aeolian1150n/a Silent Night Cook, J. L.2007-Dec-12Larry DoeGrayscale-1

These piano music MIDI files are made from vintage era piano rolls. The MIDI files should be compatible with Yamaha Disklavier pianos, pianos equiped with Pianodisc systems, and any other system that plays standard MIDI files.
Because of U.S. copyright restrictions, only songs published in 1928 and earlier available for public download from this page.
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