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NOTE: MIDI files available for direct public download are from piano roll music published in 1928 and earlier.
       There are currently 16182 scanned piano rolls in the database.        Displaying 200 items per page.
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Catalog Mfgr & Num © Date MIDI Roll Title Composer Performer Date Added Scanned By Print Image
Ampico203151-E1-23 Lost - (A Wonderful Girl) HanleyClair,Herbert2010-May-17Michael SwansonGrayscale-1
International921021`922 Wake Up, Little Girl Burke, Joe2014-Jun-19Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Ampico640512-25 Chant Polonaise Polish Song - Op.74, No.5, G Flat Chopin-LisztGodowsky,Leopold2016-Nov-17Michael Swanson
Ampico640232-25 Nocturne Op.9, No.2 - E Flat Major ChopinBrailowsky,Alexander2016-Nov-17Michael Swanson
Ampico205601-E2-25 When You And I Were Seventeen RosoffLopez,Vincent2010-May-17Michael SwansonGrayscale-1
Ampico673433-27 Oh, Kay! Selections - 1.Fidgety Feet 2.Maybe 3.Clap Yo' Hands 4.... GershwinFairchild,Edgar and Rainger,Ralph2016-Oct-23Michael Swansonn/a
Ampico687433-28 Sidewalks Of New York Selections - 1.Headin' For harlem 2.Playground in the S... Dowling-HanleyFaichild,Edgar and Rainger,Ralph2016-Oct-23Michael Swansonn/a
Ampico641233-25 Waltz Op.42 - A Flat Major ChopinRosenthal,Moriz2016-Nov-17Michael Swanson
Ampico205851-E4-25 Away From You Davis-AgerGrofe,Ferdie2010-May-17Michael SwansonGrayscale-1
QRS10-3904-1970 Like A Bridge Over Troubled Waters Simon & GarfunkelMartin,Rudy2020-Dec-24Michael SwansonGreyscale
Ampico204691-E4-24 Maybe - (She'll Write Me, She'll Phone Me) Turk-Snyder-AhlertReichenthaal,Ralph2010-May-17Michael SwansonGrayscale-1
Ampico205841-E4-25 No One AgerLopez,Vincent2010-May-17Michael SwansonGrayscale-1
Ampico203521-E5-23 Apple Sauce Lyman-Arnheim-FreedLane,Victor2010-May-17Michael SwansonGrayscale-1
Ampico2100315-28 Golden Gate Jolson-Dreyer-Meyer-RoseCarroll,Adam2016-Nov-16Michael Swanson
Ampico202421-F5-22 I've Got The Wonder Where He Went And When He's Coming Back - Blues Little and LymanShipman,Harry2010-May-17Michael SwansonGrayscale-1
Ampico26335-29 Sweet Little Lady Of Mine Witmark-KountzMcCormack,Gene2016-Nov-16Michael Swanson
Ampico645235-26 To Spring (Fox-Trot) GriegFairchild,Edgar and Carroll,Adam2016-Dec-13Michael Swanson
Ampico2100836-28 The Church Bells Are Ringing For Mary ColbyLane,Victor2016-Nov-16Michael Swanson
Ampico2074516-26 Could I? I Certainly Could AgerLopez,Vincent Assisted2016-Nov-16Michael Swanson
QRS104386-1971 Me And Bobby McGee Kris KristoffersonMartin,Rudy2020-Dec-24Michael SwansonGreyscale
Ampico2073516-26 Poor Papa WoodsLange,Henry2016-Oct-23Michael Swansonn/a
Ampico2061117-25 I've Found My Sweetheart Sally PollackDe Bert,Corrine2016-Nov-16Michael Swanson
Ampico204971-E7-24 Lookin' Out The Window-Wearin'Out The Carpet GaskillJohnson,Henry2010-May-17Michael SwansonGrayscale-1
Ampico204921-E7-24 Old Familiar Faces EdwardsLopez,Vincent2010-May-17Michael SwansonGrayscale-1
Ampico202741-F8-22 Nobody Lied - (When They Said That I Cried Over You) WeberFairchild,Edgar2010-May-17Michael SwansonGrayscale-1
Ampico2027919-22 Blue Eyed Blues FazioliFaitchil,Edgar Assisted by Clair, Herbert2016-Nov-26Philip Strauss
Ampico206361-E9-25 I Want A Lovable Baby - "George White's Scandals" HendersonDelcamp,J.Milton2011-Feb-27Michael SwansonGrayscale-1
Ampico2063519-25 One Smile Johnson-Bibo-CooperLopez,Vincent2016-Nov-16Michael Swanson
Ampico623539-23 Rhapsodie Op.79, No.2 - G minor BrahmsSchnabel,Artur2011-Mar-10Michael SwansonGrayscale-1
Ampico20792110-26 Fleurs D' Amour - (Loves Own Flower) PadillaCarroll,Adam2016-Nov-16Michael Swanson
Ampico21298110/30 Old New England Moon Vance-HowardFuiks,Lewis2021-Jan-2Michael Swanson
Ampico21625311/37 1.Things Are Looking Up 2.I've Got My Heart Set on You 3.I - 3.I Can't Be Bothered Now. 1 and 3 George Gershwin 2 Gordon & RevelFarquhar,Robert2021-Jan-2Michael Swanson
Ampico6940111-28 Czardas And Shadow Dance MacDowellDixon,Frederic2021-Jan-2Michael SwansonGreyscale
Ampico278311-29 Dreams - Nothing More Than Dreams Ballad - E Flat Valdez-ChenowethChenoweth,Wilbur2021-Jan-2Michael SwansonGreyscale
Ampico293111/33 Hold Your Man Nacio Herb BrownDawson,Emse2021-Jan-2Michael Swanson
Ampico218111/27 Ine The Garden Of To-morrow Graffe Jr. - DeppenCarroll,Adam2021-Jan-2Michael Swanson
Vocalstyle1301311-24 Ray And His Little Chevrolet Grossman, Stanley & BasketteHilda Meyers2007-Feb-7Michael Swansonn/a
Ampico21079111-28 Ten Little Mile From Town kahn-SchoebelBanta,Frank2021-Jan-2Michael SwansonGreyscale
Ampico21557111/35 What A Wonderful World - From "At Home Abroad" Arthur SchwartzArden,Victor and Carroll,Adam2021-Jan-2Michael Swanson
Ampico205311-E11-24 You'll Never Get To Heaven With Those Eyes MonacoCarroll,Adam2010-May-17Michael SwansonGrayscale-1
Ampico21558112/35 I Live For Love - From "I Live For Love" Allie WrubelLane,Victor2021-Jan-2Michael Swanson
Ampico204231-E12-23 Learn To Do The Strut - "Music Box Revue" BerlinLopez,Vincent Assisted2010-May-17Michael SwansonGrayscale-1
Ampico205431-E12-24 No One Knows What It's All About WoodsCarroll,Adam2010-May-21Michael SwansonGrayscale-1
Ampico7133312/34 Outstanding Hits of the Day Fox Trot Medley No.26 - 1.I'm In Love 2.I'll Close My Eyes to Ever... Various ComposersMilne,Frank2021-Jan-2Michael Swanson
International9510870 Fit as a Fiddle Hoffman, Al; Goodhart, Al2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
QRS10661018 Memories Of Virginia Atkinson, James W.Osborne; Howe2014-Jun-8Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Universal81635S1742 Saul, Dead March Handel2007-Jul-21Terry Smythen/a
QRS33171818 Silent Night - Christmas Carol Gruber, FranzParker, Alfred2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRSX50491818 Silent Night Holy Night Gruber, Franz Xaver2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Wurlitzer13036-011832 America - My Country, 'Tis Of Thee (traditional)2007-May-17Terry Smythen/a
QRS4251843 Red White And Blue Becket, ThomasRoberts, Lee S.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Metro-Art2025961847 Martha Selection Flotow, FriedrickArndt, Felix2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Wurlitzer13107-031850 Auld Lang Syne (traditional)2007-May-17Terry Smythen/a
Wurlitzer13107-101850 I Wish I Was In Dixie Emmett, Daniel Decatur2007-May-17Terry Smythen/a
Wurlitzer13107-071850 Turkey In The Straw (traditional)2007-May-17Terry Smythen/a
Wurlitzer13107-081851 Old Folks At Home Foster, Stephen2007-May-17Terry Smythen/a
Imperial9566801852 Massa's In De Cold Cold Ground Foster, StephenHilliard, Roger2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Wurlitzer13107-091852 Massa's In De Cold Ground Foster, Stephen2007-May-17Terry Smythen/a
QRS600071852 Massa's In The Cold Cold Ground - (Op.47) Foster, StephenPape, Willie (Arranger)2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Wurlitzer13107-011853 My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night Foster, Stephen2007-May-17Terry Smythen/a
Supertone565181855 Mocking Bird - (Concert Paraphrase) Hawthorne, Alice2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Wurlitzer13107-051856 Darling Nellie Gray Hanby, Benjamin Russell2007-May-17Terry Smythen/a
Vocalstyle10051856 Nearer My God To Thee Mason, Dr. LowellLange, Herbert2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS17981857 Jingle Bells Pierpont, JamesHowe, Osborne2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Mastertouch1798S1857 Jingle Bells Peirpont, James2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
Supertone253531859 Dixie Emmett, Daniel Decatur2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Wurlitzer13175-61859 Faust Gounod2007-Apr-20Terry Smythen/a
ConnorizedUnknown1860 Old Black Joe Foster, Stephen2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Wurlitzer13107-061860 Old Black Joe Foster, Stephen2007-May-17Terry Smythen/a
Globe70661861 Abide With Me Monk, William H.Coleman, Helen2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Paramount030841861 Abide With Me Monk, William H.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Wurlitzer13036-041863 Battle Cry Of Freedom Root, George F.2007-May-17Terry Smythen/a
Wurlitzer13036-061863 Just Before The Battle, Mother Root, George F.2007-May-17Terry Smythen/a
Supertone583161865 Marching Through Georgia Work, Henry Clay2006-Oct-29Warren TrachtmanNone
Wurlitzer13036-071865 Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, The Boys Are Marching Root, George F.2007-May-17Terry Smythen/a
Vocalstyle13471866 When You And I Were Young Maggie Butterfield, J.A.Esberger, Walter2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Wurlitzer13175-11867 On The Beautiful Blue Danube Strauss2007-Apr-20Terry Smythen/a
UnknownUnknown1868 Man On The Flying Trapeze, The Leybourne, George & Lee, Alfred2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS15191868 O Little Town Of Bethlehem Redner, Lewis H.Ohman, Phil2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Vocalstyle40001868 Safe In The Arms Of Jesus Doane, W. H.Plogstedt, Lillian Tyler2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS300061869 Die Hydroplaten Waltz Gungl, Joseph2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
Columbia751471869 Sweet Genevieve TuckerLove, Wayne2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Vocalstyle10761871 Onward Christian Soldiers Sullivan, Arthur S.Esberger, Walter2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Wurlitzer13036-051871 Onward Christian Soldiers Sullivan, Sir Arthur2007-May-17Terry Smythen/a
Universal21131873 Silver Threads Among The Gold Danks, Hart PeaseFavier, Georges2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Imperial9512441873 Silver Threads Among The Gold Danks, Hart PeaseBillings, Earl R.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS1191873 Silver Threads Among The Gold DanksRoberts, Lee S.2006-Oct-22Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Melodee21131873 Silver Threads Among The Gold Danks, Hart PeaseFavier, Georges2007-Feb-24Warren TrachtmanGrayscale-1
Wurlitzer13107-021873 Silver Threads Among The Gold Danke, Hart Peasse2007-May-17Terry Smythen/a
Vocalstyle12011876 Silver Threads Among The Gold Danks, Hart PeasePlogstedt, Lillian Tyler2014-Mar-29Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
QRS322241877 Black Hawk Waltz Walsh, Mary E.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Imperial91961877 In The Gloaming Harrison , Annie FortescueHilliard, Roger2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
US Music75431878 Aloha Oe - ( Farewell To Thee ) Liliuokalani2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Wurlitzer13175-81880 Roses From The South Strauss2007-Apr-20Terry Smythen/a
Wurlitzer13175-41881 Estudiantina Waldteufel-Lacombe2007-Apr-20Terry Smythen/a
Harmony120331881 Good Bye Tosti2006-Oct-29Warren TrachtmanNone
Unknown215141881 Hilo March Ae`a, Joseph Kapaeau2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Victoria63021882 Cielito Lindo Sedas, A2022-May-24Luca Pastoren/a
Wurlitzer13175-71882 The Skaters Waltz Waldteufel, Emile2007-Apr-20Terry Smythen/a
Wurlitzer13236-061883 There's A Tavern In The Town Hills, William2007-Mar-26Terry Smythen/a
Imperial957041884 Love's Old Sweet Song MalloyLester, William2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Connorized1281885 American Patrol Meacham, F.W.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS33161885 Away In The Manger Murray, James R.Parker, Alfred2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Perfectin706191885 Then You'll Remember Me - (Bohemian Girl) Balfe2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty Eight Note801771888 Dance of the Demon Holst, Eduard2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Wurlitzer13175-21888 Over The Waves Rosas, Jeventino2007-Apr-20Terry Smythen/a
Supertone200581889 Sousa March Medley Sousa, John Philip2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Eighty-Eight Note300251889 Washington Post Sousa2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Wurlitzer13036-81890 The High School Cadets Sousa, John Philip2007-May-17Terry Smythen/a
QRS17601891 Wabash Blues Wendling, Pete2011-Jun-6Larry DoeGrayscale-1
QRS315401892 Chicago Tribune March Chambers, W. Paris2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS324371893 Autumn Tints Cockrill, Ida2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Supertone101581893 Manhattan Beach March Sousa, John Philip2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
ImperialX50391893 Rosary, The Nevin2006-Oct-23Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Wurlitzer13275-011893 Sweet Marie Moore, Raymon2007-May-28Terry Smythen/a
Harmony154401894 Chariot Race - Ben Hur March Paul, E.T.2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
QRS1261894 Forgotten Cowles, EugeneRoberts, Lee S.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS32521894 Sidewalks of New York - Bluebird Marimba Waltz Lawlor, Charles B. and Blake, James W.Scott, Harold & Watters, Jeff2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Atlas4341894 Sidewalks Of New York Blake, James W.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS32521894 The Sidewalks Of New York Lawlor, Charles B.Scott, Harold; Watters, Jeff2014-Apr-27Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
QRS1071895 A Dream Bartlett, J.C.Roberts, Lee S.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty-Eight Note3002971896 Ben Hur Chariot Race Paull, E.T.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Supertone101501896 El Capitan Sousa, John Philip2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Supertone101231896 Narcissus - Water Scene Nevin, Ethelbert2020-Dec-31Marshall Josenone
QRS300281896 Stars And Stripes Forever Sousa, John Philip2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Supertone101191896 Stars And Stripes Forever Sousa, John Philip2014-Jun-8Marshall Josenone
QRSQ-1761896 The Stars And Stripes Forever Sousa, John Philip2006-Oct-29Warren TrachtmanNone
US Music430871897 At A Georgia Camp Meeting Mills, KerrySimms, Lee2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Imperial9568901897 Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere Fearis, John S.Hilliard, Roger2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS4061897 Break The News To Mother Harris, Chas. K.Scott, Harold & Watters, Jeff2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Melodee22111897 Lord Is My Light - (Accompaniment Only) Allitsen, Frances2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS245s1897 On The Banks Of The Wabash, Far Away 2006-Nov-8Terry Smythen/a
Wurlitzer13036-021897 Stars And Stripes Forever Sousa2007-May-17Terry Smythen/a
Kimball62431897 Ziz Feltman, AlfredPaull, E.T. (Arranger)2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
American451161898 America Forever Paull, E.T.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Perfection775641898 Ciribiribin Pestalozza2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
ImperialX55821898 Gypsy Love Song - (Slumber On My Little Gypsy Sweetheart) Herbert, Victor2006-Oct-29Warren TrachtmanNone
Wurlitzer13107-041898 Listen To The Mocking Bird Hawthorne, Alice2007-May-17Terry Smythen/a
Universal60311898 Rosary, The Nevin2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS16051898 Stars And Stripes Forever Sousa, J. P.Milne, Frank2007-Dec-12Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Vocalstyle103241898 Tell Mother I'll Be There Fillmore, C. M.Esberger, Walter2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Melodee40131898 The Victors ElbelBrooks & Warner2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS1111899 Absent Metcalf, John W.Roberts, Lee S.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS603281899 Coeurs et Fleurs - (Hearts and Flowers) Tobani, Theo. M.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Wurlitzer13175-51899 Dream Of Heaven Bauer, A.W.2007-Apr-20Terry Smythen/a
Broadway2980S1899 Goodnight Irene Waltz Davis, Gussie2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
QRS16071899 Hands Across The Sea Sousa, John Philip2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRSM-659401899 Hearts And Flowers TobaniKerouak, Ivan2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS97261899 Maple Leaf Rag Joplin, ScottJoplin, Scott2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS73081899 Maple Leaf Rag Joplin, ScottCook, J. Lawrence2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
MelOdee28371899 My Wild Irish Rose Olcott, ChaunceyRomayne, Robert2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS308111899 Whistling Rufus Mills, F.A."Kerry"2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Connorized1211899 Whistling Rufus Mills, K.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty-Eight Note898551900 Creole Belles Lampe2016-Dec-18Michael Swanson
Eighty-Eight Note3001091900 Midnight Fire Alarm Lincoln, Harry2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
International14161900 Midnight Fire Alarm Lincoln, Harry & Paull, E.T.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
EightyEightNote20331900 Midnight Fire Alarm Lincoln2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS112901900 Silvery Waves Wymn, A.P.2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
unknownunknown1900 Tell Me Pretty Maiden - (Are There Any More At Home Like You) Stuart, Leslie2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Melodee38831900 Tell Me Pretty Maiden - (Florodora "Sextette") StruartBanta, Frank2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Vocalstyle10440S1900 Violets Wright, Ellen2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
U.S.Music58601900 When Knighthood Was In Flower Gustin, L.V.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Supertone102121901 Creole Bells Lampe, J.P.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Supertone62041901 I'll Be With You When The Roses Bloom Again Edwards, GusGlen, Irma2016-Aug-14Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Dominant201381901 Invincible Eagle Sousa2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty-Eight Note413221901 Just A Wearyin For You & I Love You Truly Bond, Carrie Jacobs2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS95531902 Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home - (Marimba Arrangement) Cannon, HughieScott & Watters2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Angelus26621902 A Black Smoke - (Characteristic Two Step) Johnson, Chas. L.2007-Jun-23Warren TrachtmanGrayscale-1
AeolianY11051902 Complainte. - In E flat minor Balakirew2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Golden Age11271902 A Cotton Patch Tyler, Chas. A.2007-Jul-14Warren Trachtmann/a
Wurlitzer13173-11902 The Flower Of Italy Waltz Stefano, G. de2007-May-6Terry Smythen/a
Aeolian10951902 In The Good Old Summertime Evans, GeorgeElliott, Vern2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRSWF63281902 Weisst du Muatterl was i traumt hab - (Do you know, mother dear, what I dreamed) KutscheraTriggs, Harold2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Vocalstyle117841902 When The Sunset Turns The Ocean's Blue To Gold Buckner & PetrieAllison & Davison2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Universal979651903 Burning of Rome Paull, E.T.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS308101903 Burning Of Rome, The Paull, E.T.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS305501903 Car-balick Acid Wiley, Clarence2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Paramount58461903 Shine On Harvest Moon Bayes, Nora and Norworth, Jack2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Aeolian409821903 Under The Bamboo Tree Cole, Robert E.2022-May-14Marshall Josenone
Gulbransen302681903 Under The Double Eagle Wagner, Josef FranzRandolph2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
US Music415141904 Heaven's Artillery Lincoln, Harry J.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Metro-Art200264S1904 Lion Du Bal Waltz - Echos Of The Ball Waltz Gillet2007-Jul-21Terry Smythen/a
Angelus456271904 Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis Mills, Kerry2020-Dec-31Marshall Josenone
88Note110831904 Star Of The Sea 2006-Nov-13Larry DoeGrayscale-1
QRSX31621904 Tar Baby Cady, Gertrude2006-Oct-29Warren TrachtmanNone
88Note231241904 We Take Our Hats Off To You Mr.Wilson Merrill2006-Oct-8Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Duo-Art710591905 "Mlle. Modiste" Selections Herbert, VictorArmbruster, Robert2014-Jul-21Marshall Josenone
Connorized14381905 Amaryllis Seger, Eduard C.2021-Sep-27Marshall Josenone
Welte2601905 Andante am das Liebeslied MendelssohnZscherneck2021-Feb-4Julian Dyern/a
Welte6451905 Bad'ner Maed'len Walzer KomzakEdelsberg2021-Feb-4Julian Dyern/a
Welte1061905 Bajazzo - Prolog (Pagliacci) Leoncavallo, RuggieroAdam-Bernard, E2021-Feb-4Julian Dyern/a
Welte3671905 Ballade No 1 Op 23 ChopinCarreno2021-Feb-4Julian Dyern/a
Welte7121905 Barcarolle in B flat Op 17 Motta, V daMotta2021-Feb-4Julian Dyern/a
Supertone624211905 Beautiful Star Of Heaven Drumheller, Louis A.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Welte2321905 Caprice (or Fantasia), E minor, Op 16 No 2 MendelssohnSchawenka2021-Feb-4Julian Dyern/a
Welte4421905 Caprice Valse uber Motive aus Lucia Donizetti-LisztBusoni2021-Feb-4Julian Dyern/a
Welte3211905 Carnaval, Op 9 Nos 1-11, Part One SchumannReisenauer2021-Feb-4Julian Dyern/a
Welte3231905 Carnaval, Op 9, Nos 20-21 SchumannReisenauer2021-Feb-4Julian Dyern/a
Welte3251905 Chant Polonaiss (Des M*dchens Wunsch), Op 74 No 1 Chopin-LisztReisenauer, Alfred2021-Feb-4Julian Dyern/a
Welte4391905 Choral Prelude Nun freut Euch, liebe Christen Bach-BusoniBusoni2021-Feb-4Julian Dyern/a

These piano music MIDI files are made from vintage era piano rolls. The MIDI files should be compatible with Yamaha Disklavier pianos, pianos equiped with Pianodisc systems, and any other system that plays standard MIDI files.
Because of U.S. copyright restrictions, only songs published in 1928 and earlier available for public download from this page.
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