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NOTE: MIDI files available for direct public download are from piano roll music published in 1928 and earlier.
       There are currently 16182 scanned piano rolls in the database.        Displaying 200 items per page.
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Catalog Mfgr & Num © Date MIDI Roll Title Composer Performer Date Added Scanned By Print Image
UnknownUnknownn/a 2006-Dec-24Jim Cullenn/a
UnknownUnknownn/a 2006-Dec-24Jim Cullenn/a
UnknownUnknownn/a 2006-Dec-24Jim Cullenn/a
UnknownUnknownn/a 2007-Feb-7Michael Swansonn/a
UnknownUnknownn/a 2007-Apr-20Terry Smythen/a
UnknownUnknownn/a 2012-Feb-19n/an/a
UnknownUnknownn/a 2012-Feb-10n/an/a
UnknownUnknownn/a 2012-Feb-10n/an/a
UnknownUnknownn/a 2012-Feb-10n/an/a
UnknownUnknownn/a 2012-Feb-10n/an/a
UnknownUnknownn/a 2012-Feb-19n/an/a
Ideal022371926 Brennan, J. KeirnEllis, Carl2020-Dec-31Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Duo-Art63651920 ChopinCortot2021-Feb-2Julian Dyern/a
Broadway2951s1948 "A" You're Adorable - The Alphabet Love Song Kaye, Buddy; Wise, Fred; Lipman, Sidney2008-Feb-25Terry Smythen/a
QRS6131918 "Caroline" I'm Coming Back McHugh, JamesBaxter, Ted & Kortlander, Max2011-Jun-8Larry DoeGrayscale-1
DeLuxeY754951930 "Free and Easy", The - Theme Song from "Free and Easy" All Talkin... AhlertSturgis, Walter2010-Mar-15KeystoneGrayscale-1
Ampico2073611926 "Gimme" A Little Kiss Will "Ya" Huh? PinkardConfrey, Zez2009-Nov-5KeystoneGrayscale-1
DeLuxeY752701927 "Hit the Deck" Medley YoumansPerrella, Harry2010-Mar-15KeystoneGrayscale-1
Ampico541851917 "Jack O Lantern" - 2 selections CaryllArden, Victor assisted by W.E.D.2008-Dec-1KeystoneGrayscale-1
Ampico2085031926 "Je T'aime" Means "I Love You" - "Gay Paree" GouraudLane, Victor2010-Jul-26KeystoneGrayscale-1
QRS100706c1918 "Lil Joe" - Fox Trot Kortlander, MaxKortlander, Max (Composer)2010-Sep-17Robert Perryn/a
Ampico3010711921 "Ma" ConradMacDonald, Walter2010-May-23KeystoneGrayscale-1
Duo-Art710591905 "Mlle. Modiste" Selections Herbert, VictorArmbruster, Robert2014-Jul-21Marshall Josenone
Vocalstyle115691919 "O" - (Oh) JohnsonHolmes, Dorothy2010-Jul-26KeystoneGrayscale-1
Aeolian72148n/a "Oh Boy" Selections 1.Till The Clouds Roll By - 2. An Old Fashioned Wife; 3. You Never Kne... KernArmbruster,Robert2016-Nov-17Michael Swansonn/a
Aeolian72148n/a "Oh Boy" Selections 1.Till The Clouds Roll By - 2. An Old Fashioned Wife; 3. You Never Kne... KernArmbruster,Robert2021-Jan-2Michael Swansonn/a
DeLuxeY752691926 "Peggy Ann" Selections RodgersRodney, Julian2010-May-16KeystoneGrayscale-1
De LuxeY753691928 "Present Arms" Selection RodgersKiselik, Henry2008-Aug-2KeystoneNone
DeLuxeY753691928 "Present Arms" Selection RodgersKiselik, Henry2010-Mar-22KeystoneNone
Duo-Art6657-3n/a "Sonia's Song" Russian Folk Song Riabinine-SilotiSiloti,Alexander2021-Jan-4Michael Swanson
Pianostyle260351925 "Take 'Em To The Door" Blues 2009-Nov-4KeystoneGrayscale-1
Hollywood1104n/a "The Favorite" Joplin, Scott2010-Aug-2KeystoneGrayscale-1
AeolianP-3061910 "Victor Herbert" No. 1 - Composer Series Herbert, VictorArmbruster, Robert2010-Nov-8KeystoneGrayscale-1
Ampico214111n/a "__And So To Bed" Revel2010-Feb-6Michael SwansonGrayscale-1
Connorized4411909 (hymn medley) 2021-Jul-5Marshall Josenone
Connorized4401909 (hymn medley) var.2021-Aug-15Marshall Josenone
QRS2556n/a (I've Got A) Cross-Eyed Papa - But He Looks Straight To Me Ingrahem, BudCook, J. Lawrence2013-Aug-18Larry Doen/a
QRS31701925 (If You Knew) - Susie MeyerArden, Victor & Kortlander, Max2011-Jun-11Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Supertone56518n/a (Listen To The) Mocking Bird Milburn, Richard2014-Jun-8Marshall Josenone
QRS10-7501981 (There's) No Gettin' Over Me Aldridge, Walt; Brasfield, Tom2020-Dec-31Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
DeLuxeY753131927 (Up In The Clouds) - (Thinking Of You) RubyLutter, Howard2010-Jun-13KeystoneGrayscale-1
Ampico2092711927 (Where Have You Been) All My Life - "Allez Oop" MyersDelcamp, J. Milton2009-Apr-19KeystoneGrayscale-1
Wurlitzer13255-051921 (Why Couldn't It Last) Last Night - (damaged roll) 2007-Mar-26Terry Smythen/a
Ampico2133911930 (You're Always Sure Of) - My Love For You KahnArden, Victor2010-Jan-5KeystoneGrayscale-1
Universal3022651912 A - Jingler 1.Take Me To The Midnight Cakewalk Ball 2.All I - Can Do Is Just Love You 3.Piney Ridge 4.Cl... arranged by Wade,Herman Avery2017-Jan-12Michael Swanson
MastertouchS65471965 1-2-3 (Oh, That's How Element'ry) Len BarryJ. Lawrence Cook2023-Nov-6Geoff_Wardn/a
Italianstyle133n/a 1. 'O Festino - 2. 'A Legge Vento, P. & Mario, E.A.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Ideal11841918 1. Lei Aloha; 2. Aloha No Wan I Ko Maka - Hawaiian Folk Songs trad.; Stevens, Ernest (arr.)2014-Jul-12Marshall Josenone
Duo-Art09651933 1.I Raised My Hat 2.This Little Piggie Went To Market Steininger - LewisCarroll,Adam2021-Jan-4Michael Swanson
Ampico214703n/a 1.The Day You Came Along 2.Thanks - 2.From The Picture "Too Much Harmony" Johnston-Coslow2010-Feb-20Michael SwansonGrayscale-1
Ampico21625311/37 1.Things Are Looking Up 2.I've Got My Heart Set on You 3.I - 3.I Can't Be Bothered Now. 1 and 3 George Gershwin 2 Gordon & RevelFarquhar,Robert2021-Jan-2Michael Swanson
Duo-Art01026n/a 1.To Call You My Own 2.The Lady in Red - From "In Caliente" Allie WrubelMilne,Frank2021-Jan-2Michael Swansonn/a
Connorized3441912 1863 Calvin, E. C.2021-Mar-25Marshall Josenone
QRSQ-1511926 18th Street Strut Moten, Bennie; Skinner, FrankWaller, Thomas "Fats"2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS33771926 18th Street Strut Waller, ThomasCook, J. Lawrence2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Eighty Eight Note205031913 1915 Rag Tierney, Harry Austin2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Aeolian (65 Note)103624n/a 1915 Rag Tierney, Harry2022-Sep-13Frank Himpsln/a
RhythmodikB9673n/a 1915 San Francisco Jacobs, S. & P .I.Wendling, Pete2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
AeolianS-28721921 1921 Electric Duo-Art Tester 2010-Nov-6KeystoneGrayscale-1
Ampico2029311922 19th Hole, The WenrichShipman, Harry2013-Mar-16Larry DoeGrayscale-1
UnknownUnknownn/a 2 March Tail Unknown 2006-Nov-5Larry DoeGrayscale-1
QRS1000401912 20th Century March Moore, HarryMoore, Harry2021-Jan-24Marshall Josenone
Welte32921919 29th Sonata Op 106 in B flat (Hammerklavier) Allegro and Scherzo BeethovenHoehn, Alfred2021-Feb-4Julian Dyern/a
Clark Rolls102n/a 42nd Street - From "42nd Street" Warren2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Welte30511914 4th Mazurka B flat Op 103 GodardGanz2021-Feb-4Julian Dyern/a
Triphonola523551912 52355 Sonata Op 90 E Minor BeethovenAnsorge, Conrad2016-Sep-1Julian Dyern/a
QRS10-1511966 The 59th Street Bridge Song Simon, PaulHolmes, George2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
QRSUnknownn/a 88 Note Test Roll - Sloppily Punched 2006-Nov-5Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Autograph0002n/a ???? Rag Arndt,Felix2016-Dec-18Michael Swanson
Connorized38271921 'A Cerenara Mattiello, Luigi2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Italianstyle1761923 'A Santanotte Buongiovanni, Francesco2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Italianstyle111A1920 'A Tazza 'E Cafe Fassone, Vittorio2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Rialto60011925 'A Vendetta 'E Macri Miccio, T.; Donadio, L.2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
QRS9092n/a A-B-C Boogie Cook, J. Lawrence2007-Feb-24Warren TrachtmanGrayscale-1
QRS8647n/a A-Razz-A-Ma-Tazz Cook, J. Lawrence2007-Nov-24Terry Smythen/a
Broadway2996S1914 The Aba Daba Honeymoon Donovan, Walter2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
QRS316181915 The Aba Daba Honeymoon Donovan, Walter2021-Jul-26Marshall Josenone
QRS87051942 The Aba Daba-Honeymoon Cook, J. L.2006-Dec-17Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Italianstyle193n/a Abat-Juor - (Salome) Stalz, R.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Sixty-Five Note100235n/a Abear - Turkey Trot Medley Wade, Herman Avery2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Eighty-Eight Note300527n/a Abear - Turkey Trot Medley Wade, Herman Avery (Arranger)2007-Feb-24Warren TrachtmanGrayscale-1
Welte30631914 Abendlied concert paraphrase Schubert-RaffGanz2021-Feb-4Julian Dyern/a
Globe70661861 Abide With Me Monk, William H.Coleman, Helen2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Paramount030841861 Abide With Me Monk, William H.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Vocalstyle1037n/a Abide With Me Monk, William HenryEsberger, Walter2014-Apr-6Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
U.S.Music397261918 Abide With Me Monk, William Henry2016-Feb-8Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
QRS1211916 Abide With Me Monk, William HenryRoberts, Lee S.2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
QRS61381935 About A Quarter To Nine Warren, HarryCook, J. Lawrence2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Imperial95131917 Absence Brings You Nearer To My Heart Benedek & SolmonRandale, Zelma2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Challenge80061915 Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder Timmons, Edwins S.2014-Aug-30Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
QRS1111899 Absent Metcalf, John W.Roberts, Lee S.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS1111914 Absent Metcalf, John W.Roberts, Lee S.2015-Jun-8Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
QRS90092n/a Absinthe Frappe - (From "It Happened in Nordland") Herbert, VictorPirsell, Ed N.2007-Feb-24Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS79971945 Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive Mercer, JohnnyCook, J. Lawrence2020-Dec-8Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Ampico2154031935 According To The Moonlight; It's An Old Southern Custom - From "George White's 1935 Scandals" MeyerLane, Victor2009-Nov-7KeystoneGrayscale-1
QRS92391936 Ace In The Hole, The Porter, ColeHunter, Ted2006-Oct-20Larry DoeGrayscale-1
QRS92391938 The Ace In The Hole 2007-Feb-24Warren TrachtmanGrayscale-1
QRSWF84721923 Ach! Einmal Blueht Im Jahr Der Mai Heiser, Wilhelm2022-Apr-2Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
U.S.Music73641920 Ach! Te Oczy Balucinski, T. G.2014-Apr-6Marshall Josenone
Eighty-Eight Note98935n/a Acorka - Two-Step Medley Wade, Herman Avery2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS326501912 Across The Border Tallmadge, Kirby A.2016-Feb-8Marshall Josenone
88 Note19763n/a Adele BriquetLampe, J. Bodewalt2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
U.S.Music661071914 Adele Philipp, Adolf2022-Apr-9Marshall Josenone
Pianostyle13054n/a Adeste Fidelis - O Come All Ye Faithful ReadingPaul Loraine2006-Dec-20Jim Cullenn/a
QRS15551922 Adeste Fidelis Ohman, Phil2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Welte Philharmonic2655n/a Adestes_Fideles - Oh, Come All Ye Faithful Portugal, MarcusFarnam, Lynwood2006-Nov-19Terry Smythen/a
QRS99481964 Adios Madriguera, EnricBabit, Hi2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
QRS316801913 Admiration Colby, Carleton L.2021-Jun-18Marshall Josenone
Ampico2076611926 Adorable WynburnRickenbach, Paul2009-Jul-10KeystoneGrayscale-1
Ampico2053611924 Adoring You TierneyGrofe, Ferdie2009-Jan-19KeystoneGrayscale-1
DeluxeY6567n/a Aeolian Harp Etude - Op. 25, No. 1 ChopinNetzorg, Bendetson2010-Oct-31KeystoneGrayscale-1
Universal3033231918 Aeolian Murmurings, Op. 123 Bartlett, Homer N.2022-Apr-9Marshall Josenone
Artempo743701920 Afghanistan Wilander & DonnellyGregory, Stuart2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS10511920 Afghanistan Wilander, Wm. & Donnelly, HarryConfrey, Zez2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS10511920 Afghanistan Wilander, Wm. & Donnelly, HarryConfrey, Zez2007-Jul-14Warren TrachtmanGrayscale-1
ImperialO9320n/a Afraid To Dream - "You Can't Have Everything" Revel, HarryCook, J. Lawrence2013-Aug-18Larry Doen/a
Universal93075? African Hunter. - Characteristic Jungle Symphony. Kendall, Edwin F.Arranged Roll2010-Sep-17Robert Perryn/a
UnknownUnknown1929 After A Million Dreams Donaldson, Walter2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Kimball7367n/a After All Roberts, Lee S.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Ideal15151919 After All Roberts, Lee S.2021-Jul-19Marshall Josenone
Vocalstyle13046December 1924 After All I Adore You - Fox Trot Herscher & CooganMyers, Hilda2010-Sep-17Robert Perryn/a
Ampico214943n/a After All, You're All I'm After;She Loves Me Not - From the Comedy, "She Loves Me Not" HeymanLane, Victor2010-Mar-14KeystoneGrayscale-1
QRS2141March 1923 After Every Party - Waltz FREED, Arthur & BURTNETT, EarlSCOTT, Harold & WATTERS, Jeff2006-Nov-12Robert Perryn/a
Unknown9956 (assigned)n/a After Every Party 2007-May-28Terry Smythen/a
QRS82461947 After Graduation Day Lippman, SidneyBaxter, Ted2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
ImperialX60021926 After I Say I'm Sorry 2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
UnknownX60021926 After I Say I'm Sorry Donaldson, Walter & Lyman, Abe2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Imperial066381927 After I've Called You Sweetheart Weil2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS40571927 After I've Called You Sweetheart Little, JackWansborough, Harold2014-Jun-8Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Imperial068261928 After My Laughter Came Tears 2007-Jul-14Warren Trachtmann/a
Ampico2099911928 After My Laughter Came Tears TurkArden, Victor2010-Jul-26KeystoneGrayscale-1
Pianostyle305571927 After My Laughter Came Tears Turk, RoyZelnowsky2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
MajesticM305571927 After My Laughter Came Tears Turk, RoyZelnowsky2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
QRS12481922 After The Ball Harris, Charles K.Scott, Harold; Watter, Jeff2014-Apr-27Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
QRS19481922 After The Ball Harris, Charles A; Clauder, Joseph (arr.)Scott, Harold; Watters, Jef2016-Mar-19Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Klavier12641967 After The Ball Harris, Charles K.Lafayette, Jean2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
ImperialX59361925 After The Ball Harris, Charles K.; Clauder, Joseph (arr.)2020-Dec-31Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Wurlitzer13119-021921 After The Ball Waltz - from A Trip To Chinatown Harris, Charles K.2007-Mar-26Terry Smythen/a
QRS319341920 After The Girl Rubens, Paul A.2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
QRS10-5801976 After The Lovin' Adams, RitchieMartin, Rudy2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
QRS18161922 After The Rain Sizemore, Arthur & Shrigley, AmyArden & Kortlander2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Supertone51781922 After The Rain Sizemore, Arthur; Shrigley, GuyDrobegg, Gus2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Ampico.2048111924 After The Storm NelsonGrofe, Ferdie2009-May-27KeystoneGrayscale-1
Pianostyle362241918 After The War Is Over Woodruff, Joseph2020-Dec-26Marshall Josenone
Vocalstyle110891918 After The War Is Over Andrieu, HarryAllison, Mary2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Perfection86999n/a After The War Is Over Will There - Be Any Home, Sweet Home? WoodruffWirth, Edward2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Supertone51661917 After The War Is Over Will There Be Any Home Sweet Home Woodruff, JosephWirth, Edward2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Ideal38311917 After The War Is Over Will There Be Any Home Sweet Home Andrieu, Harry2014-Apr-27Marshall Josenone
Meloto410361932 After To-night We Say 'Good-bye' Towers, Leo2015-May-18Marshall Josenone
QRS12191920 After You Get What You Want You Berlin, IrvingKortlander, Max2014-Mar-29Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Connorized69241920 After You Get What You Want You Don't Want It Berlin, IrvingPerry, S.A.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS1009941920 After You Get What You Want You Don't Want It Berlin, IrvingKortlander, Max2007-Feb-24Warren TrachtmanGrayscale-1
QRS1996S1922 After You Said Goodbye Lauer, Robert E.Scott & Watters2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
Melodee11621918 After You've Gone Layton, Turner2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Universal30031918 After You've Gone Cremer & LaytonEastwood, Ted2006-Nov-10Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS5611918 After You've Gone Creamer & LaytonBaxter, Ted & Kortlander, Max2007-Feb-24Warren TrachtmanNone
Artempo717381918 After You've Gone Creamer & LaytonLutter, Howard2007-Jul-14Warren TrachtmanGrayscale-1
Arto26271918 After You've Gone Layton, TurnerGoodwin, Doris2015-Mar-8Marshall Josenone
Klavier1002n/a After You've Gone Layton, Turner2020-Dec-26Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Imperial96301918 After You've Gone Layton, TurnerJones, Clarence2020-Dec-31Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
QRS655sn/a After_All Callahan-Roberts2006-Oct-31Terry Smythen/a
2106~1920 Aggravatin' Pa Pa 2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a
QRS21061922 Aggravatin' Papa - ( Don't You Try To Two-Time Me ) Turk & RobinsonRobinson, J. Russel2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
ImperialX51831922 Aggravatin' Papa - (Don't You Try To Two-Time Me) Turk & RobinsonClyde, Jack2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Ampico2034311922 Aggravatin' Papa - Don't You Try To Two Time Me RobinsonCarroll, Adam2009-Jan-19KeystoneGrayscale-1
Olde Tyme MusicalEE-555n/a Agitation and Anoma 2007-Jun-23Warren TrachtmanGrayscale-1
Ampico.2064111925 Ah - Ha! MonacoConfrey, Zez2009-May-28KeystoneGrayscale-1
S&PD1445V1922 Ah Fim Loo (Chinese Fox Trot) Norman, TheoMayerl, Billy2016-Sep-2Julian Dyern/a
DeLuxeC7882n/a Ah! Vous Dirais-Je, Maman MozartMaier, Guy2010-Oct-31KeystoneGrayscale-1
QRS40271927 Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life Herbert, VictorWansborough, Harold2017-Jan-8Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
QRS10-8791987 Ahab The Arab Martin, Rudy2007-Feb-24Warren TrachtmanGrayscale-1
Themodist80592n/a Aida - Potpourri VerdiConradi, A.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
DeLuxeB62371921 Aida - Chorus of Priestesses; Triumphal March Verdi, GiuseppeHart, Edna S.2021-Jan-2Marshall Josenone
International11023n/a Aida - Fantasy - Fantasie Brilliante by Lange Verdi, Giuseppe; Lange, GustavJanelli, Ernest2014-Apr-6Marshall Josenone
Ampico520041917 Aida - Triumphal Scene And March Verdi, Guiseppe2020-Dec-26Marshall Josenone
QRSWF7181915 Aida Act 1 Verdi, GiuseppeSturkow-Ryder, Theodora2022-Apr-17Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Welte13411907 Aida Fantaisie VerdiStarke2021-Feb-4Julian Dyern/a
Welte31211915 Aida final scene Act IV VerdiCor de Las2021-Feb-4Julian Dyern/a
Duo-Art66769n/a Aida Selections VerdiArmbruster, Robert2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Connorized41021909 Aida, part 5 of 5 Verdi, Giuseppe2014-Mar-29Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
QRSXP-1831979 Ain't Misbehavin' Waller, Thomas "Fats" & Cook, J. Lawrence2006-Oct-29Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS78831921 Ain't Misbehavin' Waller, Fats; Brooks, HarryCook, J. Lawrence2006-Oct-29Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS77831943 Ain't Misbehavin' Brooks, Harry; Waller, Thomas "Fats"Cook, J. Lawrence2016-Apr-17Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Aeolian0668n/a Ain't Misbehavin' - I'm Savin' My Love For You (From "Hot Choc... Waller & BrooksJay,Lillian2016-Nov-17Michael Swansonn/a
Ampico212111929 Ain't Misbehavin' Razaf, AndyArden, Victor2022-May-20Richard Stibbons Collectionn/a
Atlas33071927 Ain't Nothin' To Ya - Hot Pa-Pa Tate, Friendly2010-Dec-6Larry DoeGrayscale-1
QRS443141927 Ain't She Sweet Yellen, Jack & Ager, MiltonPersons, Fred2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
SupertoneUnknown1927 Ain't She Sweet Ager, Milton2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRSQ-111n/a Ain't She Sweet - (Original U.S. 44314) Fred Persons2007-May-8Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Olde Tyme Musical2245n/a Ain't She Sweet 2007-Jul-14Warren Trachtmann/a
QRS8582n/a Ain't She Sweet Cook, J. Lawrence2007-Nov-21Terry Smythen/a
Imperial064411927 Ain't She Sweet Ager, Milton2020-Dec-8Marshall JoseGrayscale-1
Ampico2086811927 Ain't She Sweet? AgerCarroll, Adam2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Ampico2086811927 Ain't She Sweet? AgerCarroll, Adam2008-Mar-28KeystoneGrayscale-1
DeLuxeY752481927 Ain't She Sweet? TurnerTurner2010-Jun-13KeystoneGrayscale-1
QRS91791921 Ain't We Got Fun Whiting, RichardCook, J. Lawrence2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS14461921 Ain't We Got Fun Whiting, Richard A.Wendling, Pete2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Columbia51341921 Ain't We Got Fun - One Step Whiting, Richard A.Arranged2010-Sep-17Robert Perryn/a
QRSQ-2681921 Ain't We Got Fun Wendling, Pete2007-Feb-24Warren TrachtmanGrayscale-1
Imperial91304~1919 Ain't We Got Fun 2012-Feb-10Terry Smythen/a

These piano music MIDI files are made from vintage era piano rolls. The MIDI files should be compatible with Yamaha Disklavier pianos, pianos equiped with Pianodisc systems, and any other system that plays standard MIDI files.
Because of U.S. copyright restrictions, only songs published in 1928 and earlier available for public download from this page.
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