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NOTE: MIDI files available for direct public download are from piano roll music published in 1928 and earlier.
       There are currently 16182 scanned piano rolls in the database.        Displaying 200 items per page.
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Catalog Mfgr & Num © Date MIDI Roll Title Composer Performer Date Added Scanned By Print Image
Artista506n/a Speranze Perdute Merelli, A.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Autokrat60378n/a At The End Of The Trail Mohr, Halsey K.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
International942971929 I'm Just A Vagabond Lover Vallee & Zimmerman2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
International943271929 I Want To Meander In The Meadow 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
International944971929 Just Can't Be Bothered With Me - (The One I Love) Kahn & Simons2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Duo-Art7134071927 Just Like A Butterfly That's Caught In The Rain Woods2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Ideal36051916 Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go? Meyer, Geo.2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
ImperialO61541926 That's Why I Love You 2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
ImperialO6213n/a For My Sweetheart 2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
ImperialO6248n/a Mary Lou 2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
ImperialO6668November, 1927 It Was Only A Sun Shower 2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
ImperialO8834June, 1935 I Wished On The Moon - from "The Big Broadcast of 1935" 2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
ImperialX59321925 Roll 'Em Girls - Roll Your Own 2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
ImperialX60021926 After I Say I'm Sorry 2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
International932471925 The Roses Brought Me You Murphy - Sherman2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
PepP037001925 Who 2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
US44391n/a Sweet Marie 2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
U.S.7812Bn/a Boston Commandery March Carter, Thomas M.2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Connorized3858n/a The Ghost of the Violin - Key of G Snyder, Ted2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Connorized3609n/a I Wish I Had My Girl Back Again Wallace, P.2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Chase & Baker4059n/a Rainbow - As sung in, "The Yankee Tourist" Robyn, Alfred G.2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
65 The Emblem of Music Roll Perf5928Bn/a Tres Moutarde - Too Much Mustard Macklin, Cecil2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Chase & Baker Co.3397-En/a San Antonio, Van Alstyne, Egbert2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
AeolianY11051902 Complainte. - In E flat minor Balakirew2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Aeolian303174n/a Golden Eagle Talmadge2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Sixty-Five Note796751910 Everybody Two-Step Herzer2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Sixty-Five Note793251911 How Does It Go? - Y . Como le Va? Valverde2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Aeolian785611907 Sonate, Op. 28. - Key G. Fourth Movement, Presto. Comodo. Elgar2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Aeolian785531907 Sonate, Op. 28. - Third Movement, Andante espressive. Key of G Elgar2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Aeolian743231906 Verlassen, Op. 318, No. 2. - Forsaken Bohm2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
QRSUnknown1930 The Black Hawk Waltz 2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Chase & Baker1773-En/a In The City Of Sighs And Tears Mills2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Chase & Baker1316--Cn/a Cupid's Dart. Louka2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Connorized3058n/a Mighty Lak a Rose - Key of A Nevin2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Chase & Baker120-Cn/a Spring Song Mendelssohn2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
Clark Rolls102n/a 42nd Street - From "42nd Street" Warren2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
US45269n/a Satisfied! Caesar - Friend2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Uni-Record2004971912 Charge of the Uhlans, Op. 213 - Attaque des Ulans Bohm2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Melodee82419n/a Minuet, No. 2 Paderewski2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Melodee47060sn/a Brown Eyes - Why Are You Blue Meyer2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Herbert81340n/a Saddle Back Allen, Thos. S.2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Aristo555n/a Sobre Las Olas - Over The Waves Rosas2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
88 Note830271909 Blue Danube Waltz Strauss2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Eighty-Eight Note300077n/a Home Sweet Home The World Over - Air;Germany;Spain;Russia;Italy;Scotland;Hu... Lampe2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Eighty Eight Note7461Bn/a She's The Daughter Of Mother Machree Ball, Ernest R.2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Eighty Eight Note7653n/a My Mothers Rosary 2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Atlas3421928 Nobile Al Polo 2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Connazional37n/a Cielo Celeste Fernandez, Bruno2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
ImperialO5658n/a Rose Marie - From 'Rose Marie' 2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
ImperialO6871May 1928 Ramona Wayne2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
ImperialO7195March 1929 I Faw Down An' Go Boom 2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
ImperialO7224April 1929 Weary River 2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
ImperialX5949s1925 Sleepy Time Gal 2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
International948981931 Cuban Love Song 2006-Oct-1Larry Doen/a
QRSF65951921 Tic-Ti Tic-Ta - gira e regira Lama, G.2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
QRSF8314n/a Giulia 2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Sublime130n/a Chi campa deritto!... Canoro, L.2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Vocalstyle11330n/a The Vocalstyle Minstrel Orchestra 2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Paollili's10n/a La Paloma - The Dove Yradier2006-Oct-1Larry DoeGrayscale-1
Imperial99681919 Sahara - From "Monte Cristo Jr" Schwartz, Jean2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Pianostyle150651922 Lonesome Mama Blues 2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
QRS30581925 Show Me The Way 2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
UnknownUnknown1907 Red Wing Mills, Kerry2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
QRS308111899 Whistling Rufus Mills, F.A."Kerry"2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Artempo730791919 America Never Took Water Brennan, Edwards and Cunningham2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Eighty Eight Note205031913 1915 Rag Tierney, Harry Austin2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
QRS112901900 Silvery Waves Wymn, A.P.2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Imperial93901917 Over There Cohan, George M.2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
QRS16621921 Snow King Powell, F.R. Jr.2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Ideal33311917 Long Boy Walker, Barclay2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
UnknownUnknown1929 After A Million Dreams Donaldson, Walter2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Ideal14611917 Where The Black-Eyed Susans Grow Whiting, Richard A.2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Unknown215141881 Hilo March Ae`a, Joseph Kapaeau2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Universal3029871916 Put On Your Slippers and Fill Up Your Pipe - You're Not Going Bye-Bye Tonight Von Tilzer, Albert2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Keynote20144n/a In Siam Cooper, Johnny2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
PianostyleX57951924 When The One You Love Loves You Whitman & Baer2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Imperial085541934 I Aint Lazy I'm Just Dreamin' 2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Universal34811919 Breeze - ( Blow My Baby Back To Me ) Hanley, James F.2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Keynote201551919 In Your Arms Glaser, Al.2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Universal1000191913 Universal Rag Botsford, George2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Paramount53201929 My Song of The Nile - Theme song from "Drag" Bryan, Al and Meyer, George W2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Paramount58461903 Shine On Harvest Moon Bayes, Nora and Norworth, Jack2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
US Music65180n/a Daffodils Kelly, Jas. E. C.2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
US Music651041911 Whirlwind Rag Robinson, J. Russel2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Pianostyle260631925 Just A Bundle Of Sunshine 2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Unknown83451927 Im Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover Woods, Harry2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Imperial079501931 Delishious Gershwin, George2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Waltham061201926 Bye Bye Blackbird Henderson-Dixson2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
SupertoneUnknown1926 Mary Lou Robinson, J. Russel2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
QRS31581925 When Eyes Of Blue Are Fooling You 2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Harmony154401894 Chariot Race - Ben Hur March Paul, E.T.2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Aristokrat603291916 Operatic Nightmare, An Arndt, Felix2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Imperial926781924 Lazy Berlin, Irving2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Ideal14831917 Mammy Jinnys Hall Of Fame Tierney, Harry Austin2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Ideal49151918 Sabre And Spurs Sousa, John Philip2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
UnknownUnknown1924 I Wonder What's Become Of Sally Yellen, Jack and Ager,Milton2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Supertone200581889 Sousa March Medley Sousa, John Philip2006-Sep-30Warren Trachtmann/a
Majestic1258n/a Now I Know Henfy and Onivas2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty Eight Note801771888 Dance of the Demon Holst, Eduard2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
UnknownUnknownn/a Slow And Easy Blues 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Ideal2827n/a There's A Little Bit Of Bad In Every Good Little Girl Fischer, Fred2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Ideal1177n/a The Captain General Louka, Marie2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Ideal3836n/a What'll We Do With Him, Boys? Lange2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Dominant201381901 Invincible Eagle Sousa2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS3763n/a Honey Lu Lu - (Honolulu Girl) Kortlander2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS416651913 That International Rag Berlin, Irving2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Unknown067211927 Dream Kisses Yellen, Jack & Jerome, M. J.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRSF10301n/a Emilia Polka 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS1281n/a Margie 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Atlas8671925 If You Hadn't Gone Away 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Imperial069671928 That's My Weakness Now Green, Bud & Stept, Sam2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Imperial065991927 Dew-Dew-Dewy Day - (What Do We Do On A) Johnson, Howard; Tobias, Chas.& Sherman, Al;2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Kimball103731922 Im Drifting Back To Dreamland Sadler, Jack2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
U.S.Music43580n/a Beautiful Irish Nights 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Imperialx57581924 Prisoners Song, The Massey, Guy2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Imperial06369n/a Some Day 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS311711913 Bag Of Rags, A McKanlass, W.R.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS11291916 Hilo March Pele, Will2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS325911911 My Rose Of Honolulu Armstrong2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
US Music65984-Bn/a Why Is The Ocean So Near To The Shore - When Claudia Smiles Jones, Clarence2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS14781907 Red Wing Mills, Kerry2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS1227n/a Casey Jones 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Unknown302633n/a Unknown 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
UnknownUnknownn/a Unknown 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
International921881922 Chicago - That Toddling Town Fisher, Fred2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS305501903 Car-balick Acid Wiley, Clarence2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS11401920 Repasz Band Sweeley, Chas. C.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS13511921 Golden Eagle Tallmadge, Kirby A.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Unknown33205n/a Unknown 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS3971917 Everybody's Crazy 'Bout The Doggone Blues Creamer, Henry & Layton, Turner2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS14401921 Heaven's Artillery Lincoln, Harry. J.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS1452n/a Would You 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS13581921 Napoleon's Last Charge Paull & Ellis2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS95301936 Stompin' At The Savoy - {Played as arranged by Art Tatum} 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS322871915 Joe Turner Blues Handy, W.C.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS326431916 Moonlight Waltz - ( With Mandolin Interpretations ) Holmes, E.B.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS323741915 Hold Me In Your Loving Arms - ( From "Ziegfeld Follies" 1915 Hirsch, Louis A.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS329851916 I Can Dance With Everybody But My Wife Golden, John L.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS315401892 Chicago Tribune March Chambers, W. Paris2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS321021911 Rose Of Honolulu Armstrong, Tom2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS30553n/a Jolly Coopersmith Peters, C.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS11562n/a Grand Polka De Concert - Op. 1 Bartlett, Homer2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS300461921 Iowa State March Weldon, A. F.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS11292n/a Qui Vive - Grand Galop de Concert - Op. 12 Ganz, W.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS332111914 Emblem of Peace Reeg, Geo. A. Jr.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS33359n/a Heaven's Artillery Lincoln, Harry J.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS31447n/a Jolly Pals Kohn, Milton H.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRSUnknownn/a You'd Never Know That Old Home Town Of Mine 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRSUnknownn/a Leave Me With A Smile 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Connorized3n/a Rigoletto - Paraphrase de Concert Lizst2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS330081916 Oh! How She Could Yacki Hacki Wicki Wacki Woo - ( That's Love In Honolulu ) Von Tilzer, Albert2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS60065n/a Wedding Of The Winds Hall, John T.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS300281896 Stars And Stripes Forever Sousa, John Philip2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty-Eight Note282121916 My Dreamy China Lady Van Alstyne, Egbert2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty-Eight Note665541914 That's Why It's Called Honeymoon Woodward, Jos. H.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS60248n/a Moonlight On The Hudson - Op. 208 Herman, Andrew2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Connorized1211899 Whistling Rufus Mills, K.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS26121923 Mindin' My Business Donaldson, Walter2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Dominant103481914 Syncopated Walk Berlin, Irving2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty-Eight Note80535n/a Eldorado - Polka de Concert Bartlett2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Connorized4021908 Fluffy Ruffles Keithley, Frank C.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Connorized1281885 American Patrol Meacham, F.W.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Ideal77071920 Whispering Schonberger & Schonberger2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS20014n/a Zampa - Overture Herold, F.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty-Eight Note80296n/a Fidelity - March and Two Step Losch2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty-Eight Note3001091900 Midnight Fire Alarm Lincoln, Harry2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Connorized225n/a Dances - (Arkansas Traveler; Virginia Reel; Fishers... 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty-Eight Note300333n/a Lights Out McCoy2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty-Eight Note24921913 International Rag, The Berlin2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty-Eight Note3003271913 Underneath The Cotton Moon Meyer2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty-Eight Note80029n/a April Showers Braham2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Connorized4176n/a Rosa Ponselle Di Biazzo2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty-Eight Note3002971896 Ben Hur Chariot Race Paull, E.T.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Connorized1953n/a Universal March And Two Step De Maharb2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty-Eight Note80457n/a William Tell - ( Overture ) Rossini2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
UnknownUnknownn/a How You Gonna Wet Your Whistle - ( When the Whole Darn World Goes Dry ) 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty-Eight Note18996n/a When It's Nighttime Down In Burgundy Paley, Herman2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Connorized4239n/a A Serenata d' 'o Zampugnaro Amodio, Frank2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
U.S. Music79051916 Prosperity Rag Scott, James2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
ImperialX59451925 Show Me The Way To Go Home King, Irving2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS315491912 Memphis Blues - (Mister Grumpy) Handy, W.C.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Vocalstyle104151916 You Cant Get Along With 'Em Or Wihout 'Em Clarke, Grant & Fisher, Fred2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Weile07491927 Forgive Me Yellen & Ager2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
QRS41735n/a My Little Choc'late Coon Elliott & Pierce2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Connorized1174n/a Burlington Route March Young, R. W.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty-Eight Note300251889 Washington Post Sousa2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
US Music8407n/a Far Away In Honolulu - (Novelty Hawaiian Song) Leightons, The2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Imperial074161929 Just You, Just Me - ( From "Marianna" ) Greer, Jesse2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Kimball7367n/a After All Roberts, Lee S.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
WeileX59151925 Let Us Waltz As We Say Good-Bye 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Eighty-Eight Note30458n/a New Colonial March, The Hall, R. B.2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
US Music400371920 I'm Glad You Are Happy Again De Witt & Brandon2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Supertone83383n/a Hawaiian Butterfly 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Vocalstyle83401915 It's Tulip Time In Holland - ( Two Lips Are Calling Me ) Whiting, Richard2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
US Music75431878 Aloha Oe - ( Farewell To Thee ) Liliuokalani2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
ThemodistTL22369n/a Tango Brazileiro Levy, Alex2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Universal91635n/a Daydreams Waltz - ( Mandolin Transcriptions on Popular Waltz... Swift, George2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
US Music9284n/a Hawaiian Waltz Medley 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
US Music41436n/a La Campana Di San Giusto - ( Italian ) Grovetti & Arona2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone
Victor106n/a Unita 2006-Sep-30Warren TrachtmanNone

These piano music MIDI files are made from vintage era piano rolls. The MIDI files should be compatible with Yamaha Disklavier pianos, pianos equiped with Pianodisc systems, and any other system that plays standard MIDI files.
Because of U.S. copyright restrictions, only songs published in 1928 and earlier available for public download from this page.
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